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Lifeless Human Head Sparks Outrage In Bamenda

Bamenda (National Times)-An inert human head has been dropped at the Nkwen vicinity of Bamenda, capital city of Cameroon’s restive North West Region sparking outrage, and fear of the unknown in the metropolis.
Witnesses said the human head was dropped in the area a few minutes to nightfall on Tuesday May 21st.
The identities of those who dropped the head at the Mobile Nkwen neighbourhood remain unknown. Public interpretation is that, the incident is linked to the current sociopolitical crisis plaguing the North West and South West Region of Cameroon.
The gory act resumes few days after Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute ended a tour weeks peace mission to the restive-English speaking Regions announcing president Biya’s intention to hold a grand dialogue to end the crisis.
It is not the first time that, individuals have been beheaded since the Anglophone crisis went deadly. Between April 23rd and 25th, 2019 at least four persons were beheaded across the North West and South Regions of Cameroon.
On Wednesday April 24th, the lifeless body of a gendarmerie officer Adama Asana was spotted in Muyuka. Asana was beheaded and the rest of his body parts dismembered.
At twilight same day, a human head was discovered on a bridge in Ekombe-Bonji Village, Mbonge Sub Division. Locals bumped into the human head on the said spot around 9PM. The body of the individual murdered has not been located till date.
In the night of Wednesday breaking Thursday April 25th, gunmen suspected to be separatists’ fighters stormed the home of retired sergeant Arthur Banka Tah at Zanjeufeu Quarter in Wum, Menchum Division.
Early Thursday April 25th, gunmen surfaced on bike around Hospital Roundabout in the city of Bamenda, North West Region dropping a human head on the road.
There have been increasing calls for an inclusive dialogue without precondition to be staged to end the crisis that has put millions in bad shape.

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