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No Job Cuts At SONARA Despite Explosion

Limbe (National Times)-An inter-ministerial delegation which president Biya dispatched  to the scene of an explosion at Cameroon’s lone National Oil  Refinery  Corporation(SONARA) on Thursday June 6th  has assured workers of the corporation that, there wouldn’t be any job cuts as earlier feared within the public space.

The state broadcaster CRTV quoted Water and Energy minister Gaston Eloundou Essomba, head of the delegation as assuring the work force of SONARA during a working session yesterday.

While  in Limbe, the inter ministerial Delegation toured the 4 out of the company’s 13 installations that suffered as a result of the explosion. The ministers got detailed expert submissions on preliminary measures to curtail any immediate negatives of the explosion on the local population.

The same delegation met with the population of the surrounding communities discussing on the best ways possible to arrest the consequences of the incident on the people.

Before Thursday’s visit, there was fear of a possible layoff of workers from SONARA and salary issues following the inferno. The inter-ministerial team assured the work force of the availability of salaries. Work is expected to go on across the other parts of the company while the government  battles to rebuild the affected installations.

Last week, the government issued a statement asserting that, petroleum products will be imported in the meantime to assuage any shortages. It has also stated that, the price of petrol, cooking gas and kerosene will remain unchanged despite the incident. Despite palpable fear in the public space, the state says, teams will be sent out to control prices.

Besides Essomba who was paying a second visit to SONARA after the explosion Trade Minister Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, his counterpart of Industries and Mines, and Hele Piere of Nature protection were also in Limbe.

Yves Landry Galax Etouga, head of the National Gendarmerie, the Director of Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s office Confiance Balungelli Ebune, the Scribe of the Prime Minister’s Office Professor Seraphine Magloire Fouda and the Scribe of the Police force were also part of the

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