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Present A Memo To the PM, Senate Questor Tells Muslim Community

Kumba (National Times)-Andrew Otte Mofa,  Questor at Cameroon’s senate says the muslim community in Kumba, South West Region should use the opportunity of the Prime Minister’s visit to  present their worries to government through a memo.

Otte  made the  submission Wednesday May 15th  shortly after donating  items to support the muslim community ahead of the feast of Ramadan. He directed them into crafting a memo  to present to the Prime Minister after some community concerns were raised.

The senator visited the heartbeat of the Muslim community in Fiango. Many said he was among the first politician to have remembered the muslims.  According to  Otte, it is his responsibility as a representative of the local population to  support the muslim. Otte such is imperative as they prepare to enter a season of prayers.

He recalled growing up in the same neighbourhood decades back and said it was time to revisit  his people. Otte said the gifts  are his personal  support to the muslims to enable them better prepare for Ramadan.

The lawmaker used the occasion to ask for prayers fro the nation and the people of Meme for peace to return.  He asked for the donations to be used to assist even those who have been affected by the sociopolitical crisis in English-speaking Cameroon.

Quizzed that it was the first time such a donation was made to Muslims across Meme after decades,  Otte said there is always a time  for everything. He told the recipients that, his move is to strengthen the bond of a peaceful community.

Mallam Ubah, Chief of the Muslim Community in Kumba expressed gratitude to the Senator. Ubah said Otte has remained one of the few politicians who always remember them in his endeavours. Ubah aksed  for the hand of allah to shield the senator.

A prayer from the Imam of the Fiango Central mosque was said at the event venue for the senator and the nation.

One of the leaders of the muslim Community in the metropolis, Souley Mohammed told reporters that, Senator Otte has opened a new page  for his kith and kin. Souley recalled  that since he was born till date, such a donation has never come their way from a politician.

Souleyman said, though his peers are spread across Meme Division,  they have a limited number of internally displaced brethren.



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