Minister Eyes More IDPs For May 20th Celebrations To Promote ‘Living Together’

April 23, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

It would be the first time IDPs are formerly included in the celebrations. Though taking a national appellation, most activities involving IDPs would take place in Yaoundé, the capital while the war continues to ravage towns and villages of Anglophone Cameroon. Despite its loftiness it maybe another smokescreen model to solve a political problem which goes beyond eventful celebrations.

PCC, German Medical Institute Reduce Drug Prices For Anglophone War Victims

April 22, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

However, the offer would not cover consultation fee as well as laboratory tests and admission related bills. No reason was advanced by the Church for the choice of these two health centres in Yaoundé and Bamenda given that there are thousands of IDPs in places like Kumba, Buea, Limbe, Douala, Bafoussam, areas wherein the Church operates health centres and some major hospitals.

Former Presidential Candidate Encounters Jesus On Easter Sunday

April 22, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

The Pastor who was visibly surprised asked them again whether they are willing to renew their vow with God and His son Jesus Christ and if they understand the enormity of the act. Akere Muna who was visibly the oldest in the group raised up his right hand and together with others said, “I promise.”

Is France Blocking International Community From Intervening In Anglophone Crisis?

April 21, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

At the end of the day, the EU parliament could only condemn the atrocities committed by both government forces and armed separatists as well as call for ceasefire and dialogue.
Defending her country’s position, Hon Dominique Bilde of Rassemblement National and Member of the EU parliament praised the Biya regime for its fight against Boko Haram adding that the hospitality of the regime has ensured that thousands of Nigerian refugees are being hosted in Cameroon.

The Paradox Of Using Mosquito Bed Nets To Fight Malaria In Cameroon

April 18, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

The latest distribution exercise is the third face after 2011 and 2015. In 2011 alone the government distributed about 9 million treated mosquito bed nets while in 2015 about 15 million nets were distributed and about 35 billion FCFA spent in the process.
However, most of the mosquito bed nets never reached their final destinations as some were confiscated by health workers while some families received more than they could use because of their relation with distribution agents.

FECAFOOT-PUMA Deal Collapses, coq sportif Takes Over

April 18, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

It is the second time le coq sportif would be supplying football kits to FECAFOOT for the various national selections. The French manufacturer supplied football kits for Cameroon between 1982 and 1987 period during which Cameroon won its first African Football nations cup trophy.

Expert Predicts More Forceful Regime Changes Across Africa

April 17, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

He explained that, “the social contract in most African countries between the governed and the governors is broken. Governments are there to guarantee certain things to the people like security, welfare and when even the basics cannot be guaranteed, the people turn to seize back the power given to the regimes which is what is happening now in Africa. It is like since you have broken the contract we signed we want our power back and since power is never given but taken, the people can only do it through street demonstrations which is what we are seeing today. It is power back to the people because the governors have broken the social contract.”