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Why Ghost Welcome Prime Minister In Bambili

Bamenda(National Times)-In the second day of his visit to Bamenda, North West Region, Prime Minister, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute, decided to visit the University of Bamenda.

During his visit to the citadel of learning, on Friday, May 11, 2019, the PM was welcome by a ghosted Bambili.

As the convoy of the Prime Minister made its way into Bambili, Tubah Sub-division, Mezam Division, all the streets were deserted and businesses were closed with no sign of human life on the streets.

The convoy largely made of armoured personnel carriers and in the entourage of snipers and armed to teeth soldiers stopped at the University of Bamenda and was received by the University authorities headed by Vice Chancellor, Professor Theresa Akenji.

The campus itself was deserted and life could only be visible around the Prime Minister entourage.

In her lamentations, Professor Akenji told the Prime Minister that the University is barely functioning as some lecturers have been caught in the war, while many students have abandoned studies.

She stated that enrolment which was projected to rise has instead reduced from 21,000 to about 15,000 students.

The Prime Minister recounted his usual phrases projecting Paul Biya as a peace messenger, calling on Ambazonia fighters to leave the bushes, drop their weapons and regain normal life. Meanwhile the students and teachers also reminded Dion Ngute of the need for dialogue.

However, during the Prime Minister’s second day stay in the Northwest Region, pro-independence had declared an impromptu ghost town in the Region.

As such, his visit to UBa came after declared ghost town. This explains why the town was deserted

Gerard Tapuka


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