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Fru John Nsoh Slammed, Evicted As ‘Ambazonia Leaders’ Lead Counsel

Yaounde (National Times)-Barrister John Fru Nsoh of the ‘Ambazonia’ leaders’ trial fame has been slammed  and dismissed from the defense team of the  separatists’ leaders  and as lead counsel.

Nsoh’s removal  is the substance of a statement issued  to the press in Yaounde Tuesday June 18.According to the statement bearing the names and seal of Barrister Paddy Yong, “ we decry in the strongest terms  the recent media outings  of lead counsel John Fru Nsoh in different media houses in the USA”.

The statement issued on behalf of the defense team further holds that “ the said outings were unprofessional , unethical and illegal. These actions and behavior  have betrayed  the fiduciary  duty that Barrister John Fru Nsoh owed to our clients-The leaders in detention”

Yong writes that “I am stating on behalf of all the other lawyers of this defense team that we unanimously dissociate ourselves from his unprofessional, unethical and illegal behavior”.

The men of law further declared that “ we are here stating  that Barrister  John Fru Nsoh has recused himself  as lead counsel in this case. Through his unprofessional, unethical and illegal behavior. As a result, anything that Barrister John Fru Nsoh does , undertakes, utters or insinuates on behalf of the 10 accused  persons and their defense team has  no procedural  or substantive bearing on this trial going forward”. The lawyers declared their intention to continue defending the separatists’ leaders to the best of their abilities.

The separatists’ movement has been mired in infighting, dismissals and counter dismissals over leadership and other issues of interest in recent times.  In the meantime, Barrister Fru is yet o react to the statement announcing his recusal from the defense team. In one of his outings in the USA, Fru accused the separatists’ leader Ayuk Tabe of having compromised.

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