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Over 200 CRM Militants Arrested, Ferried To Secret Destinations-Kamto’s Spokesperson

Yaounde (National Times)-Bibou Nissack Olivier, spokesperson for Cameroon’s detained opposition leader Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) political party says  over 200 militants of the party were arrested in Yaounde on Saturday June 8th and ferried to secret destinations.

The information is the content of a statement Bibou issued Saturday to clarify public opinion over the outcome of a planned protest of the CRM party announced for this weekend.

According to the statement, the CRM militants had earlier mobilised to march from the Yaounde Post Office but later change their itinerary to follow instructions from hierarchy. He writes that, police and gendarmerie officers encircled militants who stepped out to protest peacefully.

Bibou maintains in his piece that, in the course of their maneuvers with security forces, some unidentified persons had planned to infiltrate the street protest to cause violence.

He calls on the international community to see what he terms a violation of the political rights of Cameroonians   by “ a tyrannical  and illegitimate regime”. The spokesperson maintains that, persons of ill omen remain baffled by the ‘phenomenal’ capacity of the CRM to mobilise for what is termed a ‘National resistance plan.

Kamto’s mouth piece asserts in his statement that, despite the torture and harassment of other militants and sympathizers  of the CRM arrested last weekend, more persons turned out today.

Today’s protest had been announced  on May 31st by the CRM First Vice president Mamadou Mota. He too was arrested in the course of the June 1st protest.  The second vice National President Tiriane Noah who took over a few days ago maintained the planned protests.

On June 1st, over 300 militants of the CRM were arrested across Yaounde, Douala and Bafousam for defying administrative bans to protests. Some have been released since then.

Despite the statement from Kamto’s spokesperson, today’s protests is not known to have enjoyed  the level of support it had last week.

CRM party leaders continue to  see Kamto as winner of the  2018 presidential elections in Cameroon. They are demanding for an end to the war in the English -speaking Regions  of the country and wants actions taken to  investigate the handling of FCFA billions  allocated for the abortive 2019 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) whose hosting rights  Cameroon was tripped of.

Since last week’s protests, the government has not issued any reaction to the activities of the CRM party.



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