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Biya hires another US lobby firm to defend the government in the US

Cameroon’s government has hired another US lobby firm, Glover Park Group for a $600,000 (FCFA 312 million) contract to promote the current government’s interest among US politicians, as well advise the government on how to relate with US government institutions.

The news of the contract was first made known by O’Dwyer’s, a US based public relations news outlet. According to the site, the the one-year contract went into effect 1 September 1, and  the contract gives ‘Either party upon receipt of 30 days’ notice the right to may terminate the contract’.

In August this year, National Times reported that Cameroonian President Paul Biya is paying American lobbyist firm Patton Boggs at least 5 billion FCFA to influence US perception of his regime, helping the regime to evade US sanctions and sustain Biya’s hold on power.

Another story from Africa Intelligence claimed that ‘The Cameroonian government has surrendered its responsibility to bargain its oil contracts to the US firm, Squire Patton Boggs”.

‘The latest renewal of the lobbying contract between the Cameroonian prime minister’s office and American firm Squire Patton Boggs accepted by Yaoundé in July will, for the first time, include an oil & gas component’ documents from the Africa Intelligence showed.

As tensions over Biya’s 36 years in power continue to mount and army brutality in the North and Northwestern parts of the country become public, the government has relied on western lobbyists to promote its image on the international stage so as to avoid sanctions and international backlash.

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