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HYSACAM Stops Work, ‘Escapes’ Out Of Buea After Attack On Workers, Trucks

Buea(National Times)-Refuse from households and business premises littered all over the streets of Buea and neighbouring communities has attracted a lot of attention as to why these garbage has been neglected by the Cameroon Hygiene and Sanitation Company better known by its French acronym as HYSACAM.

Recently, city dwellers in the Buea Municipality find it difficult to breathe fresh air because of the stench emitted from the abandoned refuse. Some locals are already complaining of health hazards as a result of pollution from the garbage.

HYSACAM is the only waste management body in the South West Region of Cameroon and has been collecting and managing waste in the Region since 2010.

The absent of the company from work for one day is easily noticeable.

Owing to several weeks of neglect by HYSACAM to dispose of the refuse, many inhabitants have concluded that the Waste Management Company has stopped working and has probably leave the Buea Municipality.

The National Times reporter visited the HYSACAM office to know why the company has stopped collecting and disposing of refuse.

According to one of the workers of the company who pleaded for anonymity, HYSACAM has temporary stopped collecting and disposing of refuse in the Buea Municipality.

He revealed that the company has recently come under attack from unknown gunmen believed to be pro-independence fighters.

He also stated that many of the company’s workers have been threatened by the unknown gunmen and four of the company’s brand new trucks have been burnt to ashes at Musaka towards Ekona where the company’s dumping pit is located.

“We have been attacked and our trucks burnt to ashes by ‘Amba boys’ at Musaka towards Ekona where we dump refuse collected from nearby neighbourhood. The attack on us is recurrent and we cannot continue to work under such state of insecurity,” the worker explained.

He also revealed that few months ago they were caught in a cross fire between pro-independence fighters and the Military in Muea, Buea Sub-division as they were collecting refuse in the area.

The abandonment of work by HYSACAM in Buea may cause a lot of health problems to inhabitants of the town as streets and junctions have suddenly become refuse centres.

The town is currently experiencing the heat of the dry season in which the decaying of these refuse will pollute the atmosphere thus making breathing difficult for denizens of the town.

Few months ago, The National Times wrote an article regarding the neglect of refuse collection and disposal in the Bomaka and Muea neighbourhoods respectively due to persistent gun exchanges between the pro-independence fighters and the military.

These two communities stayed for months without seeing an HYSACAM truck collecting refuse from their area.

According to official information, the Buea Council works in partnership with HYSACAM and both entities are bounded by a contract, which was recently renewed.

The National Times contacted the office of the Mayor of Buea to know if the Council will provide an alternative waste management system,

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