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Justice Ayah Paul Blasts Dion Ngute’s ‘Safari Trip’ To NW

Buea(National Times)-Retired Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine has asserted that the Prime Minister’s peace mission to the North West Region is not real; Chief Dr Dion Ngute sets preconditions for dialogue to resolve the Anglophone Crisis.

In a social media outing on Friday May 10,2018, Justice Ayah said Dion Ngute’s declaration that President Paul Biya was ready for dialogue on any topic excluding secession implied that his on a working visit to Bamenda.

To him, the PM’s outing was simply a tactic to entice people to participate in 20th May celebrations.

“If one got him right, Mr. Camerouonainese Prime Minister says there never shall be dialogue without pre-conditions and without cessation of hostilities,” Ayah wrote.

Ayah argued that if the PM was serious, he would have at least minced words after repeated calls from within and out of Cameroon for inclusive dialogue without preconditions.

This, Ayah warned, could dampen the hope of people who had changed their stance on the Government’s intransigence to solve the crisis and “contempt for the people”.

He further stated that by insisting that dialogue would only come with cessation of hostilities, Dion Ngute, was backing a recent statement that the separatist fighters took up arms against the Government. “He still recurred to the belaboured the point of ‘take up arms’,” he said.

According to Ayah, this also implies that Dion Ngute is leaving out part of the separatist leaders in his dialogue, sidelining the leaders abroad and in prisons, concentrating only on the armed fighters.

“Ambazonians are made up of those in the territory and those abroad,” Ayah reminded Dion Ngute, adding that these two groups have a common goal which is the “ROOT CAUSE” of the Crisis.

Because of this ROOT CAUSE, Ayah suggested that there “never shall be any lasting solution” to the Anglophone Crisis with  dialogue with one of the  groups without the participation of the other, or at least the accord of the other.

Ayah’s also maintained that there is need for neutral ground for any inclusive dialogue after the Government has failed to fulfil previous promises.

As a result, he rubbished all claims that the Anglophone Crisis is an internal affair and should be solved by Cameroonians alone.

Ayah believes that “the present Government has failed to keep its word in more than 90 percent of its public stance in the last three decades.

Multiparty politics suddenly became the administrators banning the activities by the opposition parties. And decentralisation concentrated powers in the hands of a “privileged clan” with most administrative services packed in Yaounde.”

“All said and done, it would appear fair to opine that Mr Prime Minister is more on a SAFARI – some pigmented form of HOMECOMING – than seriously on a mission to seek peaceful resolution of the Anglophone Crisis,” Ayah Paul concluded.

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute is on a four-day peace mission to the North West Rregion. On the first day of his visit, the PM declared that Mr Paul Biya was ready for dialogue with those who lay down their weapons on the condition that they renounce the idea of tearing Cameroon apart.

This was just the stark contrast of recommendations by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, following her recent working visit to Cameroon where she insisted on dialogue without any preconditions.



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