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Cameroonians Split Over Biya’s Sympathy To Macron On Notre Dame Inferno

Yaouonde (National Times)-Cameroonians have remained split over  President Paul Biya’s dispatch of a letter to his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, expressing regrets over the April 15th inferno that zaced the over 8 centurries old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Critics  are vexed that, the country is bedeviled by crises that continues to claim lives and put the country in bad shape therefore needing more action than sending a letter to a Far way country that claimed no life.

Critics of the president argue cite the lingering Anglophone crisis with over 170 villages razed according to statistics from Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and several civilians and soldiers killed as demanding urging action.

Biya’s supporters say the head of state simply acted in line with diplomatic practices towards a brotherly nation that has repeatedly showed concern over Cameroon’s challenges.

In the letter Tuesday, which Paul Biya equally shared on his Facebook page and Twitter handle, the President addressed the French public as well as the Conference of Bishops in France, saying he was deeply touched by the inferno.

A massive fire had ravaged much of the 850-year old cathedral on Monday, causing the edifice’s steeple to collapse.

Contributions amounting to a billion dollars have already been pledged by companies and business tycoons in France, for the reconstruction of the emblematic structure. President Emmanuel Macron has promised to get the church facility reconstructed within five years.

The cause of the fire incident is not yet known but sources say it was treated as an accident and not an act of arson.

Paul Biya’s reaction towards the Notre Dame fire has spurred mixed feelings in denizens of the English speaking Regions in Cameroon, who experience a daily torching of houses by the military under the silence of the President.

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