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The Misery Of Anglophones In Cameroon: A Pedagogy Of An oppressed People

Cameroon(National Times)- Even though the past three years have been the most monumental in the Anglophone nationalist struggle because of its violent and bloody nature hitherto not seen, the conflict goes back to pre-1961 when former British Southern Cameroons was denied the third choice in the referendum.

In an interview granted The Summit magazine during the celebration of Golden Jubilee of reunification in Buea, Emeritus Professor of History, Julius Victor Ngoh argued that the choice of complete independence for Anglophones or former British Southern Cameroons was the most popular prior to the 1961 referendum.

He stated that the people were given the impression that joining La Republique was just a test which could be reversed if it eventually does not produces the basic fruits of harmonious living together.

Yet, even when the complains started pouring in about the Francophonisation of West Cameroon (Anglophones), President Ahmadou Ahidjo spent more time in his political laboratory producing more vaccines to annihilate any Anglophone nationalism.

This was concretised by a normative system of governance which ensured that Anglophones remained the oppressed who would constantly grumble but stay in the union, the oppressed who are good at running errands for the master.

And so for more than five decades, Anglophones formed countless groupings, from cultural to scholarly, to academic, political just to humbly beg to sit on the same platform with people who have coldly called them “our brothers.”

In the latest move, what aches the oppressor the most is not even the demands of the oppressed, but the fact that the oppressed can even rise to challenge the statusquo.

And the oppressor keeps asking the question; where in the world has the slave ever challenge the master, can a student be more than his teacher…?

The Peanut And The Elephant

In any case both successive Governments of Ahidjo and Biya have found a vaccine in their political laboratory to calm down the Anglophone pandemic.

In many instances, while booties of elephant quantities and qualities are being taking from Anglophones, grains of peanuts through the glorious announcements of the media are being extended to the people.

This explains why Ndian, even though the cesspit of oil and gas exploitation in Cameroon cannot boast of tarred roads nor even hospitals, pipe born water etc.

However, the political vaccine of appointing some of its sons and daughters like N.N Mbile, Dion Ngute etc have been used to put out any Anglophone illness. At each appointment, these sons and daughters who connive with their master to defraud their own blood brothers and sisters of their God-given wealth join in singing the regular di mabo la.

When the forests of Manyu were still evergreen, a son of the area was appointed Forest Minister, who would spend his time distributing scholarships, hot drinks to the people after billions of FCFA have been taking away from their land.

After Manyu, exploitation turned to Bakossi land and successive sons were appointed Forest Minister and while they gave the people handouts to eat and die trees worth billions of FCFA were swindled out of the place.

And when the Bamenda man spoke, he was asked to content himself with the position of the longest serving errand boy, known in official parlance as Head of Government.

However, since the regime is manned by sleepers rather than work alcoholic, eaters and not producers, its barons spent their time sharing the spoils of the oppressed people knowing that the two cubes of sugar drowned in water can never recollect themselves to challenge the cup of water.

After Slavering Comes The Revolt

Paul Biya’s political vaccine against any Anglophone malady had effectively worked especially with the birth of its latest vaccine, the famous BIR in 2001.

Everything seemed well and the French would say, que la fête commence. However, while the feast over the spoils of the oppressed was going on some courageous oppressed who had nowhere to turn to after reaching the wall could only face the grand master.

Just like the Israelites, after slavering for 400 years and despite the might of Pharaoh’s army, gathered themselves under a Mosaic courage to challenge the best military in the world then.

However, the oppressor who still believed in the might of his armory laughed from his comfortable armchair and questioned; vous allez même faire quoi?

Nobody believed in the congregation of the oppressed and the strength in their determination. While the oppressor was still drowning his spirit in wines imported from Bordeaux, the oppressed was already looking forward to a beaming ray from the “Promised Land.”

Killing The People, Feeding The Spirit Of The Revolution

Under the imposing influence of the Bordeaux wines, the oppressor unleashed a virulent armada of force to crush everything Anglophone nationalism.

Just like the days of apartheid even the mention of the name of a figure in the struggle or the purchase of a journal heralding the struggle amounted to a treasonable offence to be ascertained only in His Majesty’s courts.

In the ensuing struggle thousands have been killed even those who are unable to understand the to and fro of the struggle, even those who could barely differentiate between the oppressor and the oppressed.

As the people are killed, properties destroyed in a policy only downloaded from heavy consumption of Bordeaux wines, the spirit of the revolution lived on and transferred from one generation to another.

Just like the Israelites, even though the generation which left Egypt never entered Promised Land, the spirit of the struggle for Promised Land raged on until the settled there. Then the master changed strategy.

Gifts In One Hand And Guns In The Other

Dealing with the oppressed requires a formula where they are always kept under the table, from where they could only access the crumbs falling off the table.

The oppressor’s take is never to enlighten the oppressed to his level but to keep them subservient till the end of time. And so the same people who carry the hallmark of blood shedders carry guns on the one hand and gifts on the other hand.

In every instance they tried to wear a broad smile but the intelligent oppressed still suspected the move and challenged them.

While in some instances like Nigeria, resettled oppressed out rightly rejected the gifts, those in Bamenda told them to emancipate them to their required status rather than reducing them to receivers of crumbs.

The same formula of sharing crumbs from the grand master’s table has been undertaking by some sons and daughters of the oppressed who have become executive vendors of their people’s destiny to the oppressor.

Some weeks ago, it was the case of Minister Mbah Rose, who gathered her embattled Moghamo people to hand them crumbs while relying on the media to declare her non-apostolic gesture. Few days ago it was the turn of Nfor Tabe Tando, who was personally unable to make it to his native Manyu because the oppressed have suddenly developed teeth to bite.

While the oppressor continues the struggle to cage the oppressed and feed him with crumbs, the oppressed continues to generate more fury which is already causing sleepless nights in the camp of those who used to sleep and sleep very well after regular Champaign sprees and parties.

In Brazil, the oppressed finally got their freedom after they revolted. It was the same situation in South Africa. But in any case, not even a faultless divorce by the reputable Judge of the world can perfectly severe a relationship of many years of a marriage which even produced children.

Like President Paul Biya aptly puts it, it is time to forgive one another and chart a new course for Cameroon. A country where social justice, equity, the respect of human rights and the fear of the Lord are paramount.

As the Head of State, Biya should call for a ceasefire, grant amnesty to arrested persons and set a date for an inclusive dialogue to end this carnage on the people.


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