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Biya Hails Putin Over Russia’s Stance On Anglophone Crisis

Yaounde(National Times) –Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has expressed gratitude to Russian President, Vladimir Putin regarding his Russia’s stance on the Anglophone crisis during an informal United Nations (UN) Security Council meeting last Monday.

External Relations Minister Le Jeune Mbella Mbella delivered Biya’s  gratitude through the Russian Ambassador to Cameroon Anatoly Bashkin on Wednesday 15 May.

Speaking after an audience with Minister Mbella, Ambassador Anatoly revealed that he had obtained a message of gratitude from Paul Biya to Vladimir Putin following Russia’s non-interference stance during the Arria-formula meeting of May 13.

The diplomat further revealed that his country was on standby, ready to assist Cameroon at anytime upon invitation.

This comes a few days after the United Nations Security Council held an informal session (Arria-Formula) to discuss the ongoing crisis in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

While a good number of the participants condemned the atrocities resulting from the unrest especially what they call government’s “bad faith” in resolving the conflict, Russia warned against foreign intervention, adding that she was ready to help her partner, Cameroon.

But the outcome of the informal meeting has left some stakeholders in the Anglophone crisis disappointed. No clear resolution was taken that could have lead to solving the problem.

Pundits say it was no surprise that Russia stood up against foreign interference during the meeting, whose main initiator was the United States of America. History has it that the US and Russia have almost always stood on opposing ends, especially after the Second World War.

The US claims to be a democracy and sees Russia as a promoter of dictatorship around the world. And some observers hold it that this disparity is one of things that bind Cameroon to Russia.

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