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The Ruins Of ‘Ambazonia’ Dion Ngute Will Not Escape From During SW Tour

Buea (National Times)-Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute on  the second phase of a peace mission across the country’s restive South West Region must come across the ruins of war  as he sojourns  Kumab, Buea and Limbe.

Ngute as traditional ruler, politician and a regular visitor to Meme and his native Ndian Division will live the realities of the disaster the Anglophone crisis has brought on the population from another perspective.

As his convoy will be driving from Buea to Kumba and back on Thursday May 16th, the traditional ruler  must see through the comfort of his car the sad reality  on the ground. This, will not be told him through audiences granted or pieces of papers.

Ngute  who knows the ambiance of the localities along the Kumba-Buea road corridor before the Anglophone crisis  may be shocked that, he will not recognize the outlook of these once buoyant communities any longer.

From Muea to the fringes of Kumba, the traditional ruler will see thousands of  homes riddled with bullet holes. The PM  must be able to asked his conscience  what has happened that  Muea, Liongo, Ekona, Muyuka, Yoke, Malende, Mile 40, Banga-Bakundu, Mbalangi, Ediki and Mabonji are all in ruins. Signs of human life here is near nonexistent.

The ruins of burnt houses,  destroyed business premises and over grown grass will be the only thing Dion Ngute will see through the window of his official car.

Beginning  at Ekona till he reaches Kumba, he should be able to count  the ruins of at least 30 vehicles  with none below FCFA 3million razed  in the context of the Anglophone crisis. Yet  he may need to be told of the quantity of cocoa  and other goods worth FCFA billions  that have gone down the drain on this restive road corridor.

Ngute  obviously will see the sorry state of some plantations of the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) as his convoy drives through. From Muea to Muyuka, the scenes of abandoned plantations in ruins  the PM will see.

There are also visible signs of corporate entities shutdown and other businesses closed. The PM will also  see the Muyuka Court  in ruins from his car.

He should be able to see churches in places such as  Ekona with bullet wounds all over. The same he will see for most places of worship as his convoy drives through.

The king of Bongongo will discover that, most of what is left untouched in most communities are graves while every other living thing has been deformed by the separatists- military tango.


Observers have described the Kumba lap of the visit as one of the most important. Such aver that, this is the only segment of the visit that will give the Prime Minister a rough feel of the crisis. Touring Bamenda, Bambili, Buea and limbe is relative.

A synopsis of villages razed, state institutions such as courts shutdown and thousands trapped in the forest  can only be felt travelling from Kumba to Buea. The Prime Minister did not go to Kumbo, he will not be able to visit Munyenge, Kwa kwa, Ikiliwindi and other communities that depict the ruins of war.

It is believed that, this road corridor alone will help shape the content of the PM’s report to president Biya.

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