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Africa’s future lies in its youth

The African continent is unique for many reasons: our diverse landscapes, melting pot of cultures, rich biodiversity, fertile soils and vast mineral wealth.
We’re the cradle of civilisation. We’re home to the longest river, largest desert and fastest animal. But, most notably, Africa is unique because it is young.

After fleeing Boko Haram, Cameroonian girls sell sex to survive

MAROUA, Cameroon (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Djamila lowers her eyes and nervously fiddles with the veil covering part of her face. She has bathed, put on her nicest clothes and is heading out to a busy crossroads called the “Old Manor” in Maroua, capital of Cameroon’s far north.

This is where the 16-year-old meets her friends most nights – not for fun but to walk the streets. Since Boko Haram ran them out of their villages, the girls turned to sex work to survive.

“I go look for money to feed myself,” Djamila said in the quiet of a nearby office building, her eyes fixed on the floor. She hesitated before continuing. read more

Africa’s economies are turning a corner

London–The Economist: A MONTAGE of miracles plays on the giant screens in the Perez Dome, a Pentecostal church in Accra. A paralysed man tosses away his crutches. A woman’s tumour vanishes. It is not only the sick who need help. “I pray for businesses,” intones the pastor, promising that struggling ones will “resurrect”. A stall outside sells recorded sermons on “financial prophecy” and “creating wealth God’s way”. Someone up there is listening. After several tough years Ghana’s growth rate in 2017 was 8.4%, the third fastest in the world. read more

‘I will kick out Chinese investors’ – Zimbabwe’s opposition leader

Zimbabwe’s opposition leader has pledged to rid the country of investment from China if he wins the nation’s upcoming July elections.

Nelson Chamisa, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) told crowds at a rally in the capital city of Harare on Monday that China was “asset-stripping” the country’s resources.

“I have seen the deals that Ngwena [President Emmerson Mnangagwa] has entered into with China and others, they are busy asset-stripping the resources of the country,” he said. read more

Africa’s artists urged to seize chance, at Dakar Biennale

So, many Senegalese were surprised when 18 months ago President Macky Sall turned the vast modernist building into a museum for fine arts – rarely a priority for African leaders usually more preoccupied with building roads and wooing hotels.

Now, at the latest installment of Africa’s oldest and biggest biennale art exhibition, the curator who lobbied for this space wants African artists to seize the moment as the continent finally starts to enjoy the attention it deserves.

“The global message for the African is, if we don’t catch that train – and the train is leaving now – too bad for us. Tomorrow will be too late,” curator Simon Njami told Reuters at the venue, where more than 75 artists from around the world are exhibiting their work for a month. read more

Tariff wars and emerging African countries in world economy

We’ve seen fallout from the West hit African economies hard in the past. The subprime mortgage debacle and resulting 2008 financial crisis left the banks relatively untouched, but exports, tourism and foreign investment all took a hit, as did assistance from developed nations. The result was unemployment and poverty. Could the West, with protectionist agendas and a looming trade war, hurt African economies? Jameel Ahmad, FXTM’s Global Head of Currency Strategy and Market Research, shares his view. read more