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Posts published in “NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

The precarious economics of the media business is the biggest threat to press freedom in Africa

Press freedom is often thought of in relation to political pressure. There is more than enough evidence that threats, intimidation and imprisonment of journalists remain a serious cause for concern in Africa. But two recent gatherings on the continent encourage the thinking around press freedom in even broader terms.

Cameroon: What business wants

The Africa Report talks to bankers and business leaders about what changes are needed to make the Cameroonian economy more dynamic. Topics such as fighting corruption, improving access to finance and strengthening the dialogue between the state and companies are at the top of the list.

Cameroon takes over the distribution of potable water

The State of Cameroon takes over the distribution and commercialisation of portable water after the Head of State authorised the government not to renew the contract of the Moroccan Company, Camerounais des eaux that was formerly in charge.