Is Your President too old to Govern?

April 14, 2019 Ndifor Valentine 0

Yaounde (National Times) – Your President and Ministers’ ability to effectively govern the country or the ministry is related to his/her age, people below 70 do a better job than their older counterparts several new researches have shown.

Government Incompetence Defines Governance Under Biya

December 7, 2018 Ndifor Valentine 0

The Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) Executive Committee’s decision to strip Cameroon of its hosting rights of the African Cup of Nations (2019), shocked many supporters of President Paul Biya, but essentially reaffirmed the fear among many critics of the regime that the Biya’s government is too incompetent to organize any activity that can benefit Cameroonians on the scale of AFCON.

What’s Driving the Conflict in Cameroon?

November 9, 2018 Global News Desk 0

In recent months, political violence in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon has escalated dramatically. So far, at least 400 civilians and 160 state security officers have been killed in the conflict between the government and an armed separatist movement that, just two short years ago, started as a peaceful strike of lawyers and teachers.

Copyright, an intellectual liberation

November 9, 2018 Global News Desk 0

It is too late for Ethiopia – which takes credit for the discovery of the caffeinated red beans in its highlands a thousand years ago – to patent the invention of coffee, but it is now doing the next best thing.