China Grants Cameroon FCFA 54.5 Billion To Construct New Parliament

April 18, 2019 Tasha Seidou 0

Talking about the infrastructure, the minister pointed out that: “This is going to be a symbol of our corporation. It is going to change the look of our Yaounde city. This is going to give our parliamentarians the right, appropriate and comfortable environment for their work towards shaping the future of our nation, towards making our country an economy which is an emerging economy”

After Senate Outburst, Nfon Mukete Promotes Living Together In Nkongsamba

April 18, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

On Friday April 4th, senator Mukete left Cameroonians awestruck as he called on the powers that be to end the crisis in the North West and South West Regions and end the killings across communities. Then he asserted that, ‘someone used a gun and shot the English language’. He urged the government to put in place 10 autonomous states to give more powers to local communities.
Then Mukete reassured that, he loves to see a united Cameroon but maintained that, errors must be corrected for the nation to forge ahead.
The festival of the Mougo people in its first edition also witnessed the presence of Cameroon’s Prime Minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute. The presence of the head of Government also attracted the participation of a host of cabinet ministers at the event.

FECAFOOT-PUMA Deal Collapses, coq sportif Takes Over

April 18, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

It is the second time le coq sportif would be supplying football kits to FECAFOOT for the various national selections. The French manufacturer supplied football kits for Cameroon between 1982 and 1987 period during which Cameroon won its first African Football nations cup trophy.

Minister Begs Youth To Protect Cameroon Flag

April 18, 2019 Pavel Joseph 0

This comes after government officials had decried the desecration of Cameroon’s flag on the 26th of January 2019, by members of the famous Brigade Anti-Sardinard (BAS) at diplomatic services abroad especially in Paris.
Moreover, the green, red ,yellow colours of the Cameroon flag have also been rubbished by pro-Ambazonia activists at home and abroad. Such have on many occaisions burned the national flag sparking outrage from authorities.

Cameroonians Should Dialogue, End Anglophone Crisis- Nobel Peace Laurete

April 18, 2019 Tasha Seidou 0

“There is no way that you can begin to talk about a solution if you have not talked about addressing issues impacting people on the ground. That is women who are suffering, women who express on several occasions how women are using leaves for menstrual pads, how women are giving birth to children in different places,” she continued.
She said during her discussion with the women, discovered that Cameroonian women have decided to come together. She said the women admitted that the “bullet does not identify an Anglophone from a Francophone.”

E U Tackles Biya Regime On Anglophone Crisis, Kamto’s Detention, Indicts Separatists’

April 18, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

Is highly worried by the ongoing violence in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions; condemns the use of force against civilians both by the Cameroon security forces and the separatists and calls for an immediate cease-fire, with a special focus on the immediate end to attacks on medical facilities and personnel and extra judicial killings,
Is worried by the Cameroonian government’s failure to hold its security forces to account, which has only encouraged abusive units to commit more crimes; requests the security forces to carry out operations by respecting international human rights law,

Expert Predicts More Forceful Regime Changes Across Africa

April 17, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

He explained that, “the social contract in most African countries between the governed and the governors is broken. Governments are there to guarantee certain things to the people like security, welfare and when even the basics cannot be guaranteed, the people turn to seize back the power given to the regimes which is what is happening now in Africa. It is like since you have broken the contract we signed we want our power back and since power is never given but taken, the people can only do it through street demonstrations which is what we are seeing today. It is power back to the people because the governors have broken the social contract.”

Court Summons Atanga Nji In Case Against CRM

April 17, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

Absent during the brief hearing was the Minister who is expected to personally present his arguments for prohibiting the declared public manifestation by the CRM party. In the absence of Atanga Nji, the case was adjourned to Wednesday, 10am and the Lawyers of the CRM party prayed the court to personally invite the Minister to testify in person

Kamto ‘Lectures’ Biya Regime From Detention On Way Out Of Anglophone Crisis

April 16, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

He has instructed his militants not to relent their efforts in fighting what he calls the “repressive Biya regime.” In the document, Kamto restates his wish to meet and negotiate with Paul Biya as well as encouraged his militants to continue with what he called the pacific struggle.
While encouraging his militants especially those incarcerated not to lose hope, Kamto warned those he called their persecutors and promised to drag them before national and international jurisdictions for them to answer charges