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Posts published in “Society”

Trade by barter practice in Cameroon

The Barter system is very much alive in some parts of Cameroon. After close to 70 years following the departure of the colonialist, the west African country whose growing urbanisation has in the recent past been fostered by rural exodus, is strangely enough sticking to this pre-colonial  and rudimentary method of trade which not only requires trust, but also an in measurable degree of understanding between the parties involved.

Public Health Minister Andre Mama Fouda has announced the out break of monkey pox in Cameroon.

Public Health Minister Andre Mama Fouda has announced the out break of monkey pox in Cameroon. The disease has affected a good number of people in. Njikwa in the North west region and Akwaya in the Southwest region. Expert say people can contract the disease by eating dead bush meat.

6000 jobs threatened in the sugar sector

Government officials in Cameroon have told the press that if the problem affecting the sugar sector in the country is  not tackled properly some 600 jobs may be lost.

Four hostages freed in Cameroon

Four hostages who were captured by unidentified gunmen in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon have been freed by security forces after a gun battle. The four were taken captive in a small locality in Adamawa known as Yoko. 

Missing Cameroonian athlete post pictures on Facebook

Cameroon boxer Simplice Fotsala, one of eight from his country to vanish from the Gold Coast athletes’ village last month, appears to have been living it up in Melbourne in Australia.

On one of several Facebook pages belonging to the reportedly fun-loving 29-year-old, he openly poses, grinning and pointing, before Melbourne’s Arts Centre and the Seafarers Bridge.

He is also pictured posing on some of Melbourne’s city streets with his thumbs up and at a railway station by a train bound for the northeast Melbourne suburb of Morang. read more

Anglophone Crisis: Some Secondary Schools go on Anticipated Holiday

"unlike their peers in French speaking regions, students and pupils of English speaking regions had an abridged Easter break in order to come back and complete their programme. so the students have completed their course work and furthermore they are through with their exams. We saw no need to keep them around"

After fleeing Boko Haram, Cameroonian girls sell sex to survive

MAROUA, Cameroon (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Djamila lowers her eyes and nervously fiddles with the veil covering part of her face. She has bathed, put on her nicest clothes and is heading out to a busy crossroads called the “Old Manor” in Maroua, capital of Cameroon’s far north.

This is where the 16-year-old meets her friends most nights – not for fun but to walk the streets. Since Boko Haram ran them out of their villages, the girls turned to sex work to survive.

“I go look for money to feed myself,” Djamila said in the quiet of a nearby office building, her eyes fixed on the floor. She hesitated before continuing. read more