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Mysterious Death Of Bishop Benoit Bala Still Rattling Cameroon Two Years On

Yaounde (National Times)-Catholic Christians in Cameroon and the Bafia Diocese in particular have joined in prayers exactly two years after the mysterious passing away of their Bishop, Jean Marie Benoit Bala.

The mass was celebrated by the Administrator of the Bafia Diocese, Mgr Abraham Kome, who was recently elected President of the National Episcopal Council of Cameroon.

It should be noted that Mgr Jean Marie Benoit Bala went missing on May 31st 2017 and his car was later on found on the bridge of the Sanaga River. Inside the car were his National Identity Card and a note with the inscription, “Je suis dans l’eau,” roughly translated as “I am inside the water.”

A search and rescue mission was then launched with members of the Army Rescue unit brought in as well as Christians of the Diocese. The lifeless body of the prelate was only found two days after in the waters of the Sanaga River.

Since then authorities of the Roman Catholic Church have always maintained that their colleague and brother was assassinated by men of the underworld. “It is not possible to forget that our brother Mgr Jean Marie Benoit Bala left this world under mysterious circumstances. He was assassinated,” Archbishop Samuel Kleda, former President of NECC declared in one of their meetings.

Meanwhile government has maintained that the Bishop died of drowning. According to a communiqué by the Attorney General of the Centre Court of Appeals, Jean Fils Ntamack dated July 4, 2017, there were no traces on the body of the deceased and the two forensic experts hired from abroad attested that Benoit Bala died of drowning.

The Church however rejected this version stating that one of theirs is a medical doctor and took part in the initial autopsy which clearly noted that Bala was killed. Family members also corroborated the Church’s version stating that their son and brother was a good swimmer and it was impossible that he drowned in a river. Since then, the Church has seized the court against the unknown.


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