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Cholera outbreak hits North Region

Suspected cases of cholera outbreak has been recorded in the Takasko neighbourhood, Garoua, Northern part of Cameroon.

The three cases recorded were women between the ages of 26 -30, who consumed food from Nigeria and began experiencing the symptoms. Their stools were collected immediately and send to the hospital (central Pasteur du Cameroon) in Garoua for proper checkup.

Garoua Hospital

According to health officials, there is no confirmation until the lab results is out to ascertain the claim.
The Governor of the North Region has called on the population to remain calm, stay vigilant and carryout good hygienic practices in other to fight the cholera epidemic.

He has beckoned on all competent authorities in the region to be on the alert and put in place cholera contingency in anticipation of an epidemic.

Cases of Cholera outbreak in the Region

Facts and figures reveals that the last outbreak of the epidemic killed more than one thousand five hundred Cameroonians in the region in 2014.

Recently, three suspected cases were earlier recorded between 18th and 21st May 2018 in the Mayo Oulo sub division, Louti division health zones that borders Nigeria.

Medics say Cholera is an acute enteric infection caused by the ingestion of vibrio cholerae bacteria present in faucal contaminated water or food . This disease is primarily linked to insufficient access to safe water and adequate sanitation, which can cause high morbidity and mortality .

To fight against this epidemic, the Government of Cameroon and World Health Organization have put in place cholera kits in all health centers and health care facilities to systematically isolate suspected cases in the hospital.

Also ,world health organization have carried out chlorination of water sites and supplies .In synergy with the Cameroon government, community health workers have been employed to work in villages and local communities educating the population on basic hygiene and sanitation, all in a bid to curb down this epidemic.

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