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Don’t disturb the education of our Youths, Buea Imam pleads

The Chief Imam of Buea, South West Region of Cameroon His Eminence Alhadji Mohammed Aboubakar, says no one should disturb the education of the youths irrespective of the concerns at hand be they legitimate or illegitimate.

The call formed the highpoint of Aboubakar’s message as Muslims commemorated the Act of the Symbolic Sacrifice of the Ram by Prophet (Al Eidul-Adha)-Tabaski, on Tuesday August 21.

Chief Imam of Buea, Alhadji Mohammed Aboubakar

“ I am appealing to the powers that be, and whoever, please don’t perturb the education of our children. Whatever legitimate or illegitimate claims you have don’t disturb the education of our youth because tomorrow they are going to turn around and terrorise you. That is exactly what is going to happen. If we don’t educate them today, tomorrow they are going to be your enemies.”

The, sermon evoked the need on reconciliation with Allah, love and mutual respect especially between parents and children. The same he prescribed for the governors and the governed.

, Alhadji Mohammed noted that cases of children disrespecting parents or citizens disrespecting those in authority are often indicative of a breakdown in education. He prescribed tolerance, forgiveness and dialogue as panaceas to such situations..

“One of the essential aspects of Islamic development is education. The Prophet Mohammad, before he ever became a prophet, he was an unlettered prophet, he didn’t go to school, the first message he received was ‘Read’. That was his first message from God, in the first five verses of the noble Quran, Chapter 97…this means that you cannot worship God if you are not learned. You must be an educated person for you to worship God the way he wants to be worshipped.” The Imam said.

Still on the issue of school, Alhadji Mohammed expressed the need for children to be educated, saying that education is priceless and nothing should be done to sacrifice the education of the young ones. “We start education at home with the parents, the mother especially, then the father now takes the responsibility of sending the child to schoolafter doing the religious education that centres on the morals so that the child knows how to behave in the community. He knows who is an elderly person, how to conduct himself and when he is asked to do something, he would not question because an elderly person asked him to do something which is good”

Imam Aboubakar related the statement to Ismael who respected his Father, Abraham,(Ibrahim), and was willing to be sacrificed because God commanded so.

“since the son was taught in better ways and in the fear of God, he instead beckoned his father to do as God commands, instead of finding a reason to rebel.

we are appealing to all the parents, especially the Muslims, that as we celebrate today, they should make reserves for school return, so that the children should not be kept at home because they didn’t have school fees.” The Imam stated.

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