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Dr. Nick Ngwanyam Proposes Confederation As Solution To Anglophone Conflict

Douala (National Times)-Renowned Medic cum Politician, Dr Nick Ngwanyam, has prescribed Confederation as a panacea to heal the wounds created by the current Anglophone war.

Speaking in an interview over Douala-based television channel, Equinoxe on Thursday, May 9, Dr Ngwanyam said peace can only be restored if elements of Federation and Decentralisation are combined together to give Cameroon a model better than the present.

In illustrating his prescription, Dr Ngwanyam argued that there should be two Confederal States; one for Anglophones and the other for Francophones (West and East Cameroon) and within the States the policy of Decentralisation should be applied. He rejected calls for a ten state federation or decentralised system as proposed by Government, because to him, it would not represent the cultural and administrative realities of the people of Cameroon.

The CEO of St Louis Medical Institutions also accused some local administrators for fuelling the violence on the ground through their pronouncements.

He lashed out at South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai for ordering Chiefs to march on May 20. He said, as a gentleman the Governor would have simply asked for forgiveness and withdrew his statement and not sending his Scribe to deny making such statements which were caught on tape and seen by many.

Even though being a Medic, Dr Nick Ngwanyam has been very present on the political scene. Last year, the member of the ruling CPDM party proposed a transitional Government be put in place before elections to give a new beginning to Cameroon.



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