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Varsity Games: Athletes Complain Of Poor Lodging Facilities

Dschang(National Times)-Accommodation facilities reserved for students during this 2019 All Varsity Games have been considered as very discouraging by some athletes.

Even though the students say the situation was improved on as days went by, they added that it has really been uncomfortable for them since they arrived Dschang last week.

It was after complains by some coaches and team officials that the situation was addressed, even though, not everything. Shela Maryline from the University of Buea said:; “for the lodging it was not very encouraging. They put us somewhere which was just like a garage, but since our coaches complained, we were relocated to this place. At least this place is better.”

Concerning feeding, the cooks say they have not received any complaints from the athletes, some of whom are excited tasting food they have never eaten before.

“This food is delicious. I’ve never tasted this type of food before. I don’t even know the type of soup I’m eating. I guess its cabbage,” Nkah Brian one of the athletes said as he ate his food.

Six days into the competition, the Universities of Buea and Bamenda have been managing to stay in the top half of the medal table.

The University of Bamenda for their part has gone an extra mile as they qualified for the men’s football final.

Despite being reduced to 10 men, the baby university defeated host University 2-0 in a semifinal on Thursday, May 9.

This 22nd edition of the University Games started on May 4 and will run till Saturday May 11, 2019.

UBa will play the final against the University Institute of the Golf of Guinea on Saturday, May 11.


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