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Government Snobs Secessionist in First Phase of National Dialogue

Yaounde (Cameroon) – The Prime Minister’s Office of Cameroon has released a schedule of the first phase of the National Dialogue called by the President of Cameroon to resolve the Anglophone crisis without including secessionist leaders.

The document released on the 16th of September shows the head of Government and Prime Minister will be meeting leaders and members of national political and civic organizations and foreign diplomatic bodies.

The Consultations will run from the Monday the 17th of September to the Friday, the 27th of the same month.

The Prime Minister will meet representative of Cameroon’s CPDM and other political parties in Cameroon, leaders from Unions and Media societies, and representatives from the ten regions of Cameroon. He will then meet with foreign diplomatic members, starting with the Ambassador of the US to Cameroon.

The hierarchy of the meeting and those included have raised questions over the government’s seriousness to resolve the crisis. For example, the US Ambassador is the first on the list of diplomatic members to meet the Prime Minister indicating the top position of US presence in Cameroon. However, Cabral Libii, comes first on the list of political leaders against figures such as Joshua Osih of the Social Democratic Front and a key figure in the Anglophone politics.

There is also no indication that the government will be speaking with secessionist leaders as there was no schedule on the program to meet with them.

The document will raise concerns over the political will by the current government to resolve the Anglophone crisis. It seems like the government is still focus on using military force to resolve the conflict, even after experts have warned that the solution to the conflict is political dialogue rather than military force.

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