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Honesty or Deception: Dialogue Opens as Death Tool Rise in Anglophone Cameroon

National Times (Yaounde): The Cameroonian government is playing a Janus faces game it attempts to organize “National” dialogue to resolve the Anglophone crisis, while the killing of Anglophones continue in the Northwest and Southwest region of Cameroon.

Yesterday I was at the Star Building trying to speak to the Prime Minister’s office about the ongoing consultation towards the resolution of the crisis.

My concerns were that the process has sidelined Anglophones who are the main victims of the ongoing conflict. Even if these are just consultations, the consultations should have began with Anglophones who they believed should be included in the National Dialogue and who should not be included.

But it seems that was a minor problem, compared to what was happening in the two regions. I received over a dozen images of dead bodies, in one case, more than 7 youths who were killed in the Anglophone regions. Those who sent the pictures claimed the boys were killed by military forces, but National Times could not independently confirmed.

So the government is organizing dialogue while continuing its military operations in the region.

With this Janus face approach to resolving the conflict, local and international concerns are growing about the government’s readiness for dialogue with separatists.

The government has insisted that the President’s call for dialogue is sincere, and aimed to resolve the ongoing conflict.

But the SDF has accused the government of ignoring Anglophones in a process meant to address their concerns about marginalisation. But it seems the government wants it its way or no other way.  

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