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Trade Minister, Importers Agree On Commodities Price Hike

Yaounde (National Times)- Importers of basic commodities in Cameroon have reached a deal with the country’s Trade Minister, Luc Margloire Mbarga Atangana  on a price increases . The commodities most affected are rice and fish.

The deal was arrived at on Wednesday March 20 during a meeting grouping some representatives of importers’ union as well as those  of Congelcam; the biggest fish importer in Cameroon. Minister Mbarga chaired the deliberations.

Following the new price tariff, rice 25% would sell at 330FCFA per kilogram in Douala and Yaoundé, while the rice 5% called premium would henceforth sell at 410FCFA in Douala and 425FCFA in Yaoundé.

The difference in the prices is as a result of transportation. As concerns fish, a kilogram of mackerel 25+ would now sell at 1450FCFA as was agreed between Mbarga Atangana and Congelcam.

The meeting is coming at a time when these suppliers of basic necessities unilaterally increased the prices of goods especially following the end of year festivities. Consumers’ association, had tabled complaints demanding a harmonized price system.

In an  interview granted French daily Le Jour, the President of the Consumers Rights Association, Delor Magellan Kamgaing criticized the price increase arguing that they did not go through the legal homologated channel of the Ministry of Trade.

On their part, the importers argued that the increases were necessitated by the lack of currency in the market as well as the too many bottle necks involved in the importation chain.

Following persistent rumours of scarcity of some goods of prime consumption, the Minister also assured consumers of the availability of some 200,000 tons of rice which according to him can supply the markets for at least four months.


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