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In the US, Justice is not Blind, It Knows the Colour of Your Skin

Washington (National Times) – A Black American ex-police officer Mohamed Noor has been found guilty of fatally shooting US-based Australian, and the case has brought the US justice system to the spotlight, where due to its dark and racist shenanigans it has often refused to be.

Let us be honest. Mohamed Noor should spend the rest of his life in prison for killing Justine Ruszczyk while responding to her 911 call . When police officers who are entrusted to protect and preserve lives choose to take these lives away out of whims and intuition, or some pre-programmed anti-life response training they should spend their life in jail.

I mean the rest of their lives, behind bars. But Noor’s case also shows the systematic and blatant racism surrounding how the police and US justice system treat police brutality when the victim is white and the accuser black.

Mohamed Noore is the first police officer found guilty of killing a civilian while on duty in the US. All other US police officers, mostly black are often acquitted, the proceedings are hurried through the courts, and the victim is painted as a criminal, a threat to the society, while the police officer receives special treatment. But in Noor’s case that was the opposite.


Australia’s Canberra Times captures this racist and systematic injustice succinctly:


“When an unarmed white woman who called 911 to report a crime was fatally shot by a black, Somali American police officer in Minneapolis, the racial dynamic seen in many police shooting cases in the US was flipped on its head, and a different narrative emerged.

“Justine Ruszczyk Damond was immediately portrayed as the innocent victim she was, a peaceful woman who was trying to help someone else by calling 911 to report a possible rape in the alley behind her home.

“The officer, Mohamed Noor, was sharply criticised by the then-police chief, while others wrongly alleged he was a fast-track affirmative action hire for a city trying to diversify its police department.

“Noor, 33, was charged – a rarity when an on-duty officer shoots someone – and is now on trial for murder and manslaughter in the July 2017 death of Damond, a 40-year-old dual Australian American citizen.


Compare that with the case of fatal shooting of US blackman Antwon Rose by a white police officer:


“Michael Rosfeld, 30, shot 17-year-old Antwon Rose three times as he tried to flee police last June – just 90 minutes after the officer had been sworn in for duty.

“But the jury fully acquitted the officer on the fourth day of the trial. They took fewer than four hours to make their decision.

“Mr Rosfeld’s lawyer, Patrick Thomassey, told reporters his client was “a good man”, and said he hoped “everybody takes a deep breath and gets on with their lives”.

“Broadcaster WPXI says six to eight shots were fired into the lawyer’s office on Friday night after the ruling. Nobody was hurt.

“S Lee Merrit, lawyer for Rose’s family, said the victim’s mother “didn’t really expect a different verdict” in light of rulings in similar cases elsewhere in the US.

“Pittsburgh district attorney Stephen Zappala Jr said he disagreed with the court’s decision.


They say is justice is a woman, she would put her children first. The American justice system was design to protect white male Americans. She is truly putting her children first. She is not blind, she works based on mother instincts.




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