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MPs, Senators Return To ‘Exile’, ‘Idleness’ As Session Ends Without Solution On Anglophone Crisis

Yaounde (National Times)-Members of parliament (MPs), and Senators from Cameroon’s restive North West and South West Regions  will still not freely return to their  ancestral lands and constituencies  as the March session of parliament ended Wednesday April 10th without any major action to end the Anglophone crisis.

Opposition and ruling-party Law makers alike   from these two Regions will thus be returning to their hideouts or just idle around other parts of the French –speaking parts of the country.

This is the life most have lived for over one year since gunfire took center stage in the crisis. Regular clashes pitting armed militias and security forces have made life unbearable for most of these politicians and elite.

Besides, targeted kidnappings and outright killings had chased this category of persons into other parts of the country. The homes of these parliamentarians and senators   have longed been abandoned.

Some of them who are traditional rulers, business persons and professionals of other walks of life barely visit their homes. If they get to their constituencies, it is usually through the aid of high military protection.

The people’s representative have paradoxically been forced to rent semi-permanent residences in Yaounde  and Douala while their property and wealth rots in the North West and South West Regions.

It will be a painful period for them as municipal and legislative elections are anticipated anytime soon. This is the period MPs serving on bonus time will be using to reshape their possible return to the glass house.

Their colleagues in the other Regions will be busy in political actions and community work to strengthen their base while those from the war-ravaged Regions remain in hiding for fear of the unknown.

Since late 2016, the legislative chambers have not held any debates on the Anglophone crisis. Opposition outburst clamouring for such  a debate to address the root cause of the crisis has been of minimal effect.



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