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Mr Leo hits back at detractors over rumours of his insanity

Cameroon’s talented artist, Mr Leo, has hit back at his detractors, who are peddling malicious rumours that he (Mr Leo) has gone insane and is raving mad on the streets of Cameroon.

Supposed ‘Mr. Leo’

The artist from Nso extraction in the North West Region of Cameroon broke the silence after a video emerged on social media, showing a mentally deranged young man with dread logs, who looks exactly like the popular pop artist.

The video went viral with those sharing it, alleging that scores of Cameroonian artists are running mad, as the days go by. The madman in the video, clad in leaves around his neck, appeared in the video, dancing naked and displaying in front of a crowd of curious onlookers in a busy street.

The video showing Mr Leo’s clone was apparently shot by a passenger in a car before circulating it online. The mentally challenged young man appeared in the video carrying a gallon of oil, which he had apparently robbed his body with and was sticking the container to his mouth as if to drink its content.

After the video went wild on social media, Mr Leo the artist, song writer and singer, took to his official facebook page to debunk reports from those who had seen the video and concluded that it was him.
The artist wrote: “to all my worried fans, the guy in the trending video is definitely not me. The lion is doing very fine, thank God… who is ready for new music?”

Facebook post of Mr Leo

The music sensation’s reaction on his official facebook page drowned the rumours that were spreading like wild fire.

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