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UN Security Council Probes Into Humanitarian Crisis In Anglophone Regions Despite Gov’t Bluff

National Times)-The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meets this Monday, May 13, 2019, to deliberate on the war in Anglophone Cameroon.

This is happening for the first time despite refusal from the Government.

According to diplomatic sources, the meeting on Cameroon would take place at the organisation’s seat in New York. However, rather than being a formal session, it is an Aria meeting which ensures that discussions are held by all United Nations Security Commission members in an informal setting.

Aria meetings are organised by the UNSC following recommendations by a member or members base on issues which falls within the jurisdiction of the body.

According to Lewis Mudge, Human Rights Watch Director for Central Africa, it is a welcome development that the UNSC finally discusses the situation in Cameroon.

He challenged the body to hold all those responsible for abuses accountable. “Security Council members should call on the Government of Cameroon and leaders of armed separatist groups to end abuses against civilians in the Anglophone Regions and hold those responsible for abuses accountable,” Mudge said.

However, the Government of Cameroon has denied any such meeting by the UNSC. Recently, Government sponsored write-up on State media to castigate what it called “fake news.”

It held that the situation in Cameroon is internal and the UNSC cannot meet on purely an internal issue, which is being handled by the Government in a bonafide manner.


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