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Over 3,000 Children Suffer From Malnutrition In Anglophone Cameroon

New York(National Times)-Representatives of member countries of the United Nations Security Council have called on the Biya regime to show good faith in ending the war in Anglophone Cameroon.

They have instructed Biya to initiate unconditional dialogue with the other parties concerned.

Speaking at the Arria Formula session dedicated to the war in Anglophone Cameroon, the representative of the Dominican Republic, one of the sponsors of the session, charged the Biya regime to show more political will to foster peace.

While expressing satisfaction that the case of Cameroon was finally discussed at such a high instance, the German Representative said, “What needs to be done is to look at the root causes, one has to look at the grievances of the people of the North West, South West Regions…..there need to be inclusive dialogue, what the Government is doing is not enough.”

Germany also warned all those perpetrating human rights abuses that they would be held accountable one day.

According to the Government of the United Kingdom and Great Britain, humanitarian assistance is not enough as it is merely a short term strategy to manage the conflict.

“The UK calls on the Government of Cameroon to establish credible political dialogue.”

However, most of the diplomats with the exception of countries like Germany argued that the African Union should be highly involved in negotiations between the warring factions.

They also argued that political prisoners should be released.

African Representatives Deny Existence Of Emergency Humanitarian Conditions

Despite the plethora of evidences presented by humanitarian agencies, NGOs and some state actors, the African representatives to the UNSC argued that the humanitarian situation is not a cause for concern internationally.

“The African members of the Security Council do not belief that the humanitarian situation in Cameroon is a threat to international peace,” the Equatorial Guinean Ambassador said.

He was supported by the head of the Cameroonian delegation who argued that the figures of 530,000 IDPs are untrue and used by these humanitarian agencies to make profits for their respective organisations.

He argued that the Government of Cameroon is doing a lot and has already reached out to about 75,000 persons. He challenged members of the UNSC to support the initiatives of President Paul Biya, who to him is fighting terrorism in Anglophone Cameroon.


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