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Nigerian Business Man Kidnapped On Eve Of PM’s Visit

Kumba (National Times)-Gunmen suspected to be separatists agents swooped  on a prominent business man of Nigerian  extraction  John Lem Chukwu popularly known as Jonatex in Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon around 4PM Wednesday May 15th and ferried him to the unknown.

Lem Chukwu’s abduction comes hours to the visit of Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute  to the city of Kumba on Thursday May 16th. Ngute is on a firefighting mission to quench the embers of the Anglophone crisis noted for similar abductions.

Witnesses recount that, two gunmen surfaced on Sonac Street-Kumba and asked the business man to mount a bike under duress.  He is said to have attempted to resist but the gunmen reportedly brandished a gun threatening mayhem.

Reports hold that,  the population which lived the abduction in day light was helpless. The gunmen had reportedly threatened to deal with anyone who dares to obstruct their operation.

Chukwu had reportedly left his shop in search of a documentation center on Sonac Street having a standby generator to photocopy a document. Kumba was in the nadir of blackout throughout Wednesday.

At the moment, the whereabouts of the business man remains unknown. Chukwu’s abduction comes close to 10 days after gunmen stormed the Fiango Market in Kumba and abducted three traders. This too happened in daylight. Then the, the gun-toting individuals threatened mayhem on any one who disturbed their moves.

In the course of the Fiango abductions, the unknown individuals announced a ransom of FCFA 500.000 on the owners of certain shops. Business persons across Cameroon’s English-speaking Regions are increasingly becoming targets for gunmen. They are abducted and released after paying huge sums of money.

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