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The precarious economics of the media business is the biggest threat to press freedom in Africa

Press freedom is often thought of in relation to political pressure. There is more than enough evidence that threats, intimidation and imprisonment of journalists remain a serious cause for concern in Africa. But two recent gatherings on the continent encourage the thinking around press freedom in even broader terms.

6000 jobs threatened in the sugar sector

Government officials in Cameroon have told the press that if the problem affecting the sugar sector in the country is  not tackled properly some 600 jobs may be lost.

Four hostages freed in Cameroon

Four hostages who were captured by unidentified gunmen in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon have been freed by security forces after a gun battle. The four were taken captive in a small locality in Adamawa known as Yoko. 

Missing Cameroonian athlete post pictures on Facebook

Cameroon boxer Simplice Fotsala, one of eight from his country to vanish from the Gold Coast athletes’ village last month, appears to have been living it up in Melbourne in Australia.

On one of several Facebook pages belonging to the reportedly fun-loving 29-year-old, he openly poses, grinning and pointing, before Melbourne’s Arts Centre and the Seafarers Bridge.

He is also pictured posing on some of Melbourne’s city streets with his thumbs up and at a railway station by a train bound for the northeast Melbourne suburb of Morang. read more

Anglophone Crisis: 12,000 pupils in SW brave gunshots to sit for Common Entrance Examination

Pupils and education stakeholders in the South West Region of Cameroon, Tuesday, May 15, 2018, woke up to a promising morning and headed for the various accommodation centres for the written part of the 2018 Common Entrance Examination for the Anglophone Sub System of Education and the ‘Concur d'entree en 6eme’ for the French Sub System of Education.

Cameroon: What business wants

The Africa Report talks to bankers and business leaders about what changes are needed to make the Cameroonian economy more dynamic. Topics such as fighting corruption, improving access to finance and strengthening the dialogue between the state and companies are at the top of the list.