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‘Petit Paris’ slips into chaos after gun brawl

The village of Wainamah, aka ‘Petit Paris’, which is the gateway into Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon, recently slipped into chaos after unknown gunmen attacked a Military control point.

During the attack, three soldiers and two civilians were killed. The soldiers later stormed the area to avenge the death of their colleagues.

Kumbo View

The control point attack at the junction to Limbo on the base of the cliff out of Wainamah, called Shuumetsem reportedly sent the contingent of officers stationed there to retreat, in the face of a fierce gun brawl with the armed group that had smuggled itself to a shooting range beside the control point.

The officers after leaving the area, reportedly brought back reinforcement and backup troops, to fight the gunmen who later had to vacate the control point they had earlier taken over.

Those caught in the middle of the fight, stayed indoors in houses and shops and with a window of opportunity that showed up, they took to their heels heading to interior communities and friends out of the fighting vicinity.

Reports from those who witnessed the shooting say, one of the gunmen was killed in the attack, while another had his armed shattered by a bullet. The reports also claim that about three officers fell in the gunfight, while others sustained serious injuries.
Other reports hold that some two bodies of civilians were found in a forest in Wainamah, hundreds of metres away from the control point.

A house alongside two bikes was razed in the aftermath of the gunfight.
The attack on Wainamah comes just a few days after that of Takijah and Mah, where at least two civilians were killed alongside some officers.

Tempers are high in most areas of Bui Division, as from time to time, gunmen and military have had to battle it out as the announced dialogue is continually being evaded.

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