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Popular Cameroonian Basketball Player Shares Rare Techniques with Young Talents in Douala

National Times (Douala) – Cameroon’s renown basketball player Pascal Siakam has organized a youth training camp in the country’s economic capital. Siakam held the event as part of his tour to celebrate his title and to share share rare techniques with the country’s young basketball talents.

Siakam said the camp was just the opening of better things, for the goal he and his team had, adding that they knew it didn’t have to be perfect, and that they had things to learn.

“First we have to start, and that’s the attitude we had. So for us now, it’s about trying to make it as good as possible. That is our goal now. It was very good, they are very polite, I talked to all the young people. I tried to talk to them a little bit. I think this communication is very important. That’s what I tried to do, just show them that we’re normal people and that if they keep working, they can ask me what they want,” Siakam said.

Forty three Cameroonian children participated in the first basketball camp, were professional basketballers shared some important techniques with the children aged below 16.

Saikam was part of the Toronto Raptors team that won the NBA Championship finals this year. Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse said he sees Pascal Siakam, especially in the wake of Kawhi Leonard’s offseason departure as the future of the team.

“I just think his next step in progression is being ‘The Man,’” Nurse told Yahoo Sports Canada. “Instead of being a complementary guy next to ‘The Man,’ he’s gotta be ‘The Man’ — the primary scorer and the primary option and the late-game scorer.”


As things shows, Siakam is not just preparing to be the man of his team, but also the man young Cameroonian talents can look up to.

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