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Ndian Division Sets Ground Work For Dion Ngute’s Homing-Coming

Mundemba (National Times)-Preparatory meetings have been announced in Mundemba, Ndian Division  of Cameroon’s restive South West Region for an imminent  home-coming visit of Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute to his kith and kin for an unannounced date.

Moves in this light are the content of invitations dated June 8th, 2019 bearing the names and seal of the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Ndian Lawrence Forwang announcing a preparatory, meeting.

“Within the framework of the imminent home-coming visit to Ndian Division of Chief Dr.  Dion Ngute  Joseph Prime Minister and Head of Government  of the Republic of Cameroon, I have  the distinguished  honour to invite  you to attend a first preparatory  meeting on Wednesday June 12th, 2019”. The administrator writes in the invitation. The meeting will take place at the conference room of the prefect’s office beginning 10:AM

Forwang reiterates in the invitation that “personal attendance is very obligatory. Treat as important”. The invitation is addressed to  all stakeholders  across Ndian Division. They comprised mayors, members of parliament, Senators, Chiefs, Divisional Delegates, Divisional Officers (D Os) and others.

Since his appointment as Prime Minister, Dion Ngute, Chief of Bogongo village-Ekondo-Titi sub Division is yet to set foot on his native soil. His first outing to English-speaking Cameroon was the recent tours to preach peace and dialogue to end the Anglophone crisis.

With the persistent security challenges associated with Anglophone crisis, it is clear such an event will only take place under tight military surveillance if it’s announced anytime soon. Ministers of Anglophone extraction and other elite have been unable to stage such meetings in their native lands for over two years given the present security challenges.


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