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Dion Ngute promises Compensation For property Lost To Anglophone Crisis

Kumba (National Times)-President Biya’s peace envoy to the restive English-speaking Regions of Cameroon Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute has promised compensation for property lost to the crisis in the North West and South West Regions.

While visiting the Kumba District Hospital on Thursday May 16th, the Prime Minister declared that, all what they have lost would be repaid by government when the war is over. “Government will repay all those who are losing property in the course of the crisis when it comes to an end,” Dion Ngute said.
The Kumba District Hospital was consumed by fire in the night of February 11th breaking 12th. Mos wards, some staff houses and vehicles were burnt to ashes. Both separatists’ and government have been accusing each other for the Kumba fire incident.
It is still not known whether Dion Ngute’s promise covers even private residences and business which have been consumed in similar circumstances. However, apart from Kumba Hospital, thousands of houses have been burnt with the latest being the Bamenda, Mile 8 incident which occurred just after two soldiers were killed in an attack.

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