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Biya Recycles Cronies At CAMAIR-Co, Former Board Chair Takes Over As GM

Yaounde (National Times)-President Paul Biya has signed three decrees   Monday May 27th recycling his collaborators at the helm of the Cameroon Airlines Corporation (CAMAIR-Co.

According to the decrees,  Transport Minister Jean Ernest Messina Ngale Bibehe is the company’s new Board chairman. Meanwhile former Board chairman Louis George Njipendi Kuotou  until today serving as  board chairman  is the new General Manager of CAMAIR-CO.

A third decree of the head of state appoints Max Constant Mve Messi as the deputy Director General of the same corporation. Mve replaces Mousa Abouba while Njipendi replaces Ernest Dikoum.

Koutou ,a civil  administrator  by training is a former staff of the presidency of the republic. He once served in the Ministry of External Relations in the capacity of sub Director in charge of relations with the European Union. He is married and a father 7 children. Mve who assumes the function of Deputy GM is an aeronautics Engineer.

Transport Minister Ngale Bibehe who chaired an extraordinary board meeting of the corporation today in Yaounde saluted the services of the outgoing team. He averred that, president Biya opted for change of leadership at the helm of the corporation to implement a readjustment plan outlined for the corporation a few years back.

Bibehe has charged the new team to conduct an internal audit of the company. They new team has equally been asked to expand the company’s fleet and also to start internal flights first to Paris-France latest December.

The New GM told the press shortly after the meeting that, CAMAIR-Co is going through challenges which makes it incumbent on efforts to harnessed to put in in fine form. Kuotou  has appealed for support from the entire Cameroonian public

This is about the 10th General manager for the fragile company in 11  years. A few years back, government announced a budget of FCFA 327 billion to re-launch the company.

Observers view the multiple changes at the helm of the corporation as the outplay of ego and personality cults rather than actions meant to breathe new air of life into the company facing numerous problems.



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