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Late Night Gunfire Chases City Dwellers Out Of Beer Palours

Kumba (National Times)-Sporadic gunfire erupted across neighbourhoods in Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon  lat Sunday June 9th forcing hundreds of city dwellers out of beer  palours and other social joints. Pandemonium struck across the busy business district of the metropolis as everyone rushed home.

The sustained gun shots echoed from the Mbonge Road,  Mokube Street and Ntoko  neighbourhhoods leaving hundreds in awe for fear of the unknown. Echoes of the shots thundered across business places leaving many in panic.

Yesterday’s  gun power fire  paralyzed businesses. Hundreds of beer palours  that had begun regaining steam shutdown within the twinkle of an eye. Bikers in circulation engaged in brisk business as everyone battled to escape home

Moses. N a resident behind the Meme High Court  vicinity told The National Times that “  the gunshots were so heavy. Everyone in my compound was so frightened. Shockingly, sounds of bikes were heard entering and leaving the neighbourhood. I suspect it could be the handiwork of security officers on patrol”.

It is the first time in a short while that the metropolis of Kumba is experiencing a restive night in some neighbourhoods. Denizens were gradually living an atmosphere of calm after months of having experienced such almost  on a daily basis.

Sunday’s incident comes days after three suspected separatists’ fighters died in crossfire with security forces at the Three quarters neighbourhood of Fiango. The incident of June 4 also saw the killing of a cocoa merchant whom gunmen had abducted from the Kosala neighbourhood and headed for their camp with for supposed grilling.

On that day, scores of youngsters were spotted on motor bikes  wielding pistols  at city dwellers as they cruise through the main road axis on top speed to an unknown destination.




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