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After Bashing Al-Bashir, Sudan’s Military Promises Civilian Rule Amid Protests

Khartoum (National Times)-The leader of Sudan’s military transitional council General Ahmed Awad IBN Auf has promised civilian rule for the people of the country a day after the military deposed former leader Omar Al-Bashir  on Thursday April 11th  ending a 30 year rule.

Protests are yet to end across the county since the military took over. The protesters are demanding for an entire overhaul of the system. At the moment, thousands are still gathered at the army’s headquarter in the country’s capital.

Responding to  questions  from a cross section of journalists in Khartoum early Friday April 12th,  General Awad says, the military intends to hand over as soon as a civilian government is formed. He swore by God stating that if that happens even within a month, the military will give way. He said the two year transitional period is the maximum for the military to be around.

The General who has assumed control over the country says he intends to open discussions with leaders of the political class to chart a way forward. He however sustained that, the military is out of politics and those concerned to should dialogue among themselves and if a government is formed, the military will back off.

In the meantime, he maintains that aspects relating to state sovereignty such as the Minister of Interior and Defense will remain under the control of the military for security reasons.

The man who served cumulatively as Vice president and Defense Minister until yesterday denies allegations that, the deposition of Al-Bashir is a charade. He denies the military has any link with the former National Congress of Al-Bashir.

He however maintains that, if the former ruling party remains within the dictates of the law and democracy, they it will still be free  to part take in the political process. To other political parties, the head of the military says, the field is open for all parties without discrimination.

He asserted that “ we acted to remove the president to meet the demands of the people. We have no ambition to take power, we are here to guide Sudan forward. We are willing to step down as early as a month if a government is formed. We guarantee the new government will be run by civilians without the military once a government is formed”. He insisted that, former president Al-Bashir is in jail.

General Awad said there will however be no tolerance for anyone who has killed a single soul. This he said is left for the courts to decide. On the suspension of the country’s constitution, the military strongman said if the people want it, the constitution will be reinstated.

On the economic situation of the country, the transitional leader said actions will be taken but warn that no magic wand is at hand. He promised to summon all professionals to help in bringing the country out of the deplorable economic decision

To the international community, the army General said, discussions will be held with the country’s diplomatic services across the globe this evening to provide them with directives. He admitted that, the country cannot be an Island.

He replied the African Union (AU) ‘s condemnation of the situation stating that, ‘ we are not coup plotters”. The chairman of the AU commission Mousa Faki had on Thursday decried the Army’s action stating that, it’s not a solution to the problems facing Sudan.

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