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Omar Al-Bashir Will Not Be Extradited-Military Leadership

Khartoum(National Times)-The military transitional council  in Sudan has said it will not hand over former President Omar Al-Bashir to face trial out of the country.

General Mohamed Ahmed Awad IBN Auf, head of the transitional council made the declaration to journalists during a press conference in Khartoum Friday April 12.

According to the transitional leader, Sudan has courts where Bashir will be judged according to the values and virtues of the country. He affirms that, the stance will remain unchanged for the time the military will be in charge.

Awad averred that, any other civilian administration that will take over the reign of the country will have the choice of deciding the future of the former president. He insisted that Omar Al-Bashir is behind bars in the country.

Besides Bashir, the Army’s strong man of the moment said even members of the country’s rebel groups will not be handed over to face trials elsewhere if arrested. Everybody he insisted will face the law courts in Sudan.

The declaration comes given the years of international warrants of arrest issued against Omar Al-Bashir. The international Criminal Court (ICC) had long indicted the former leader of crimes against humanity and genocide following the civil wars and crisis that rocked Sudan while he was in office.

On March  4th 2009, the ICC issued the first arrest warrant. The second warrant was issued on July 12, 2010. The matter is still in the pretrial stage given that, the ICC does not try individuals in absentia.

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