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Developing: Guards, Anti-Biya Protesters In Reported Clash At Intercontinental Hotel

Geneva (National Times)-The National Times is getting reports of a confrontation between some elements of the Presidential security accompanying the Paul and Chantal Biya and alleged members of the famous Brigade Anti-Sardinard (BAS).

Unconfirmed reports hold that when the anti-Biya protesters got winged of the President’s presence at the Intercontinental Hotel, some of them hurriedly gathered and tried to force their way into the suite of the Presidential couple. This led to a violent confrontation between the two opposing camps.

Reports also reaching our newsroom say some persons have been wounded in the course of the confrontation between the President’s security officers and alleged BAS members. Unlike in Cameroon, firearms were not used in the confrontations.

The story is still developing. In the meantime, a huge anti-Biya demonstration is being planned for next Saturday. It is to be noted members of BAS had promised to disrupt the stay of the Presidential couple anywhere in Europe and America.

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