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Medical Council To Regulate Practice of Foreign Doctors in Cameroon

Yaoundé (National Times) – The president of the Cameroon National Medical Council, Dr Guy Sandjon, says the body will  regulate how foreign doctors practice in Cameroon, after winning his fourth term at the helm of the association.

Dr Guy was re-elected by a super-majority on March 22 at the headquarters of the National Order of Doctors of Cameroon at the Nkol Eton district in Yaoundé, by an elective general assembly of medical professionals.

Doctors in Cameroon face a very high workload because of the high doctor to patient ratio. There are over 40,000 inhabitants to every doctor, that is five times above the World Health Organization recommended doctor-to-patient ration of 1 doctor to every 10,000 persons.

In addition, most hospitals go without the necessary equipment and facilities to help doctors perform their duties. These are some of the challenges facing members of the order which Dr Guy will have to get the government to address.

Mindful of the challenges awaiting him, Dr Guy said, his 10years of having handled the job is enough pace setter for his fourth term in office. He promises to be committed to his job. ” I will continue to safeguard the editorial policy of medical practice in Cameroon in relation to the ethics and deontology of the profession. I will equally protect medical doctors and make sure that patience are well taken care of in hospitals. ”

The medical doctor has also promised to launch a crusade against foreign doctors who practice in the country without authorization for competent medical associations. Speaking to Cameroon info, he denounced ” the ease with which doctors from foreign countries practice the profession in Cameroon without any authorization from the order.”

He hopes to maintain a cordial and excellent relationship with the new Minister of Health, so as to jointly address issues face by the medical sector in Cameroon. He is optimistic to continue the work he started 10 years ago, of ensuring quality medical practices in Cameroon.


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  1. Linda Neh Ngobesing Linda Neh Ngobesing April 2, 2019

    Beautiful write up Kelly.Thanks for sharing such relevant information with us.I hope Dr. Guys re-election will enable us enjoy better health care services.

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