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Trump’s Envoy At Presidency After Rattling Biya Gov’t On Anglophone Crisis, Kamto’s Detention

Yaounde(National Times)-The United States Assistant Secretary  of State for African Affairs Tibor Nagy  will be received at Cameroon’s presidency on Monday March 18 at 2:30PM one week after his comments on government’s handling of the Anglophone  crisis and the detention of professor Maurice Kamto, leader of the CRM party alongside some of its militants  provoked jittery reactions  within the polity.

Tibor Nagy thus  touched down on Cameroonian soil early Sunday March 17 amid a somewhat strained entente between him and the authorities. He had already been received in Douala  by local authorities.

The U S envoy’s real business is expected to be when he meets those parading the corridors of power to discuss key issues.

According to a  program drafted in relation  to the visit, Tibor will visit the ministry of External Relations at 9:25 AM Monday. Later in the day, he will be at the American Embassy in Yaounde and the residence of his Country’s ambassador to Cameroon. Thereafter, he will be received in audience at the unity palace. It is unclear if president Biya will receive Tibor in person. Tibor will leave Cameroon at 4PM Tuesday through the Yaounde Nsimalen Airport for Bruxelles-Belgium.

In earlier comments over foreign media, Nagy did not hide  his feelings on burning issues affecting Cameroon. He said government was not doing enough to end the Anglophone crisis. He requested the release of Professor Maurice Kamto whom he considered as a political prisoner.

Shortly after that, Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi issued a statement expressing concerns over Nagy’s views. As the March session of parliament went underway on Tuesday March 12, speeches from the eldest senator Nfon Victor Mukete and Member of Parliament Enoh Tanjong condemned what they said is the interference in Cameroon’s internal affairs.

In one of his media outings, Nagy made the following declarations when quizzed on possible US sanctions if government fails to respond to his appeal.

“Every time I speak on this issue I end up in more trouble with the Cameroonian government… before we’re starting on this trip, I had an opportunity to be in Paris and meet with my G7 colleagues; that is, we should say the directors for Africa of the G7, and I was absolutely delighted that we really do have commonality on Cameroon, and as I think you saw last week, the entire EU issued a statement on Cameroon.

I know that the Cameroon government has taken some steps, but you would not believe the number of messages I receive every day about Cameroon, and also in Washington the very, very high level of political interest in all branches of the United States government, including Congress, that are always getting in touch with me about Cameroon. I know the areas very well; I know some of the people involved, and I just don’t understand why this crisis goes on and on and on when there really needs to be absolute open, unlimited national dialogue to come to resolution, because those poor people in Northwest and Southwest….we can call them that, we can call them the people in the Anglophone region are just suffering so, so much. So we need to be focused on that and maybe take it further to an international forum to look at.” Nagy said.


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