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Biya Will Not Win The War In NW, SW Militarily, Ambazonia Is A Pipe Dream-Tibo Nagy

Washington DC (National Times)-The United States Under Secretary of State  in Charge of African Affairs Peter  Tibo Nagy Jr says while president Biya will not win the war in the restive English-speaking Regions of Cameroon militarily,  the project of a separate state called ‘Ambazonia’ remains a pipe dream.

Tibo Nagy’s observations surfaced Thursday May 16th as he appeared before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the United States Congress.

According to the American diplomat, while it is necessary to respect the territorial integrity of Cameroon, only a broad based dialogue without preconditions can end the crisis. Nagy said, from his observations, people across the North West and South West Regions still feel a sense of Cameroonian.

He asserted that, the crisis risk spreading into the West and Littoral Regions of the country if nothing to arrest the crisis. Nagy said, while atrocities are committed on a daily basis, both sides in the conflict keep on being radicalized every other day.

“ Most Cameroonians across including in the North West and the South West still feel a sense of Camerooness… and the concept of a separated Ambazonia in my view is not realistic.. it is good for the United States of America to respect the territorial integrity of the country Cameroon”

Tibor told the Foreign Affairs  Committee of Congress that, the Biya government has created a number of commissions which in reality have done nothing to solve the crisis.

“They have not been provided adequate budget and they have not really done anything..What the country really needs is a genuine, broad and open  dialogue probably to include the disapora Cameroonians because they have a lot of interest in this”.

He surmised that Biya’s “hardliners may be telling him that he can win this thing militarily  … but there is no way they can win this militarily and the violence is going to get worst and  the whole world will be blind to the conflict…. It may even spread to the West Region and the Littoral Region which is the economic city of Douala”.

He furthered that “we are energetically speaking with our allies . Are sanctions on the table, yes everything is on the table but we have to bring this crisis to an end. Else there is a possibility of what started in Nigeria as Boko Haram… what started as a small movement and it has been disastrous for the entire region and the Cameroon government is turning this thing into another kind of Boko Haram” Nagy observed.

Quizzed on what the US can do and what it has not been doing to solve the crisis, Nagy said, the country of Donald Trump needs to work with its allies to convince the Biya regime that, only genuine dialogue can end the crisis.

Nagy said if that doesn’t work, there is an array of other measures in the US’s ‘tool kit’ to sanction the regime.He however said, dialogue is in the interest of both parties. Nagy observed that, before moving to the level of implementing sanctions, it is important to consult other allies before further actions.

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