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Logjam Hits Ambazonia Lockdown; Defense Council Rubbishes Liberation Council’s First Move

Limbe (National Times)-Two separatists’ entities claiming to be crusading for a separate state for the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon called ‘ambazonia’  are in a logjam  over  the lifting of the controversial lockdown crippling activities in Fako Division and across the South West Region in general.

On Tuesday April 9th, the newly created Southern Cameroon Liberation Council (SCLC) issued a statement announcing the immediate suspension of the lockdown operation.

Hours after another group under the aegis  of the ‘Ambazonia Self-Defense Council (ASC) issued a contrary  statement insisting that, the lockdown will be pursued till April 13th.

The ASC statement acknowledges the SCLC release but insists that “ the attempt to call off the ghost  lockdown without due  consultation of the ASC leadership is completely  contrary to the spirit of the revolution. Therefore, the ASC council rejects the lift statement unequivocally”.

According to the authors of the ASC document whose identities are not  revealed in the document  write that “ the Fako lockdown is continuing  Wednesday  10, 2019 still Saturday  April 13th , 2019 as declared in the ASC council order 0103”.

The lockdown has remained into effect as the infighting among separatists’ splinter groups stays on. The SCLC, a new creation of last March 28th is a fusion of six other splinter separatists’ organisations. Its creation was seen as giving the separatists’ a unique voice and sense of direction.

Yet the quarrel over the lockdown   brings to the fore the disparity in reasoning among those fronting to free the Anglophone population from marginalisation. The announcement lifting the lockdown is the first move of the SCLC ; yet  its authority  has been challenged from day one. The confusion within the ranks of the separatists; is expected to last longer than anticipated.

The Limbe Festival Of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) which the separatists’ intended to frustrate is in progress unperturbed. The separatists on their part remain divided quarreling over who is in charge over a failed target.


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