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PAP Declares Support For Tumi’s AGC, Demands Biya’s Resignation

Yaounde(National Times)-The Popular Action Party (PAP) of Cameroon is the first political parties in the country to officially declare its support for the Cardinal Christian Tumi led Anglophone General Conference (AGC).

Speaking recently shortly after his election as National Party Chairman, Njang Denis Tabe, said his political outfit wholeheartedly supports the initiative of Cardinal Tumi in resolving the raging Anglophone conflict, especially the AGC. PAP through its Chairman said such instances of dialogue should be capitalised so as to bring back peace in the restive Regions of Cameroon.

According to him, the union between Anglophones and Francophones should be revisited, especially the marriage born at 1961.

He blamed President Paul Biya for all Cameroon’s woes and urged him to humbly resign after failing the people.

“Paul Biya has failed and should resign,” he said.

Talking about elections in Cameroon, Njang Denis said the climate to hold such an important event in the life of the country is not conducive enough and the conditions are not also favourable for a free, fair and peaceful election.

He argued that going into elections with the war in the North West and South West Regions as well as with the present Electoral Code would be tantamount to legitimising the protracted stay of l Biya and the CPDM party at the helm of the country.

He therefore proposed an end to the war before any elections as well as a revision of the Electoral Code.

It should be noted that Njang Denis Tabe is taking over from Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine, who resigned as party Chairman a forth night ago.

Among other things, he has promised to continue to advocate for “peace” and “justice” in Cameroon.

PAP was one of the political parties which boycotted the October 7, 2018 Presidential election sighting the violence in Anglophone Cameroon as a hindrance to any electioneering.

As more institutions and political outfits are backing Tumi’s AGC, it surges its legitimacy in the eyes of Cameroonians as well as international partners as a major broker in the Anglophone conflict.


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