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COMICA Demands FCFA 2.2 Billion Settlement As Gov’t ‘Hijacks’ Miss Cameroon Contest

Yaoundé (National Times)-The President of the Organising Committee of the Miss Cameroon (COMICA) beauty contest, Solange Ingrid Amougou, is claiming FCFA 2.2 billion settlement from the State after Arts and Culture Minister, Narcise Mouelle Kombi issued a release on December 20 announcing that the Government was taking over the organisation of the event.

Amougou’s claim is parts of the content of a letter which her counsels of the Cabinet Bayebec Avocat (law firm) addressed to the Minister of Arts and Culture dated December 27 a copy of which The National Times stumbled on.

The Counsels write to the Minister that their client is seeking payments for damages and peaceful settlement of FCFA 2.2billion.

The lawyers of the complainant cite the Minister’s release No.0038/MINAC/CAB which informed the national and international community of Government’s decision.

Amougou’s lawyers write that the Minister indicated that the decision of Government to take over the management of the beauty contest came from hierarchy but failed to mention the hierarchy in question.

They remind the Minister that his letter talked of recurrent incidents in the ‘Miss Cameroon’ contest which have had negative consequences on the contest but fails to mention such. They fault the minister on grounds that, his release makes explicit that, the negative impact is on the contest and not on the state of Cameroon.

Besides these, the advocates in their file addressed to the minister have raised other issues which they deem as unlawful. They argue that, the minister’s arguments in his public notice are not factual.

At the moment, developments point to the matter shifting to legal corridors. It is unlikely that, the state will pay FCFA 2.2billion to the COMICA. The minister is yet to react to the piece from Amougou and her lawyers.



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