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‘Foxy’ Cavaye Yeguie Djibril Accused Of Decorating ‘Fake Entrepreneurs’ In Ngaoundere

Yaoundé (National Times)-The Speaker of Cameroon’s National Assembly has been accused of decorating fake young entrepreneurs at the sixth caravan to promote farming among youths in Ngaoundere in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon.

CavayeYeguie Djibril decorated 15 ‘best young farmers’ on April 2, 2019 at a heavily attended ceremony in the company of Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament.

According to Emergence newspaper of April 4, 2019, most of the young people initially selected objectively did not feature on the final list.

The same paper adds that those names were replaced by others chosen by parents and the Parliamentary Network (Esperance Jeunesse­) that coordinated the activity.

Emergence reports that this observation was made after scrutinising the list brought up by the commissions headed by the Sub Divisional Officers of each of the 21 Sub-divisions of the Adamawa Region and the list from the Parliamentary Network and parents.

“I was chosen in my Sub-division. I was informed together with two others that we would receive support from Members of Parliament to improve our activity. But I noticed today that I was replaced by someone else,” the paper quotes an anonymous source.
On the other hand, Mamouna Leli from Djohong Sub-division, who was decorated by Cavaye, claimed it was a pleasant surprise. She disclosed that she was contacted by a relative on the eve of the event.

“I went to his home, made a photocopy of my National Identity Card and my birth certificate. Afterwards, I was called and told to go to Ngaoundere without any aim. Its only here (Ngaoundere] that I understood the news,” Mamouna is quoted as saying by Emergence.

The Youth Network to Promote Agriculture was first launched in 2014 in Obala and every year it goes to a chosen town in the country to encourage young people who are making use of the soil.

The Network at the National Assembly is headed by CPDM Member of Parliament for Nkam in the Littoral Region, Gaston Komba.



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